Happy December! I’m going to get straight on into it and talk goals. I’ve seen a few of these posts now and I thought it would be a really nice idea to tell you about my goals so lets get started.

1. I really want to sort through and organise my wardrobe. Sounds like a pretty simple task right? But oh my, it really isn’t. I still have boxes unopened from the big move and I have the Ikea Malm drawers to sort through before I get rid of it as I no longer need it… 6 drawers of clothes to organise. I’m dreading it but I’d love to have it all done before Christmas, ideally this weekend. Wish me luck!

2. Christmas festivities. I’d like to do all things festive this month and get out more. We are off to the Panto in a couple of weeks which I’m super excited about, we also will be taking the boys to see Santa but I want to do more with them. All ideas welcome!

3. Finishing touches. As our renovations are now complete I’m working on the finishing touches in our home, from ornaments to mirrors and pictures. I just want it all finished now so I’m going to work really hard on making those final purchases and getting at least the downstairs complete before Christmas.

4. Now I know it’s December so this next task is going to be pretty much impossible but….. I would like to eat a little healthier. Don’t spit your tea out just yet, I just want to do simple things like eat more fruit and veg. Drink more water and get a little more active, winter walks are my favourite so I’m going to get my trainers on and do some more walking.

5. I’m not really one to talk numbers but I’ve really been enjoying YouTube lately and a goal I set myself at the beginning of the year is looking like it may be a reality by the end of the month. I’m hoping to get to 25K on YouTube by Christmas day so if you’re not already subscribed it would really mean a lot to me if you came on over and hit that little red button. Please help me reach my next goal of 25k! EEP. SUBSCRIBE HERE.

Have you set yourself any goals for the month? I’d love to know!

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