BROWS 2018 I can’t leave the house without my brows on, and there have been two brow products I have been absolutely LOVING lately and just had to share them with you. Definitely two to try for 2018. I’d say these are for the more experienced brow gal but practice makes perfect right?

First up we have the Iconic London Brow Cushion. A very unique product indeed and the first of its kind I believe. We’ve all heard of the cushion foundation, there are also blushers and other products available but I’ve never come across a brow product like this before. There are currently 3 shades to choose from and I’m using the shade Medium. I found the Fair too light and the Medium is the best shade for me.

BROWS 2018 If you scroll down to the next picture you’ll see it’s quite cool toned which I really like and as you can see there are two shades included in the set which is fab! Perfect for those that like to shade their brows and really define them. Also ideal for creating a nice fluffy, and natural brow.

The formula is wet, and it reminds me of a watercolour paint. It’s quite watery when you dip the brush into it which by the way is also included (huge thumbs up for the brush it’s great). When I first tried this product I found it a little difficult to use, probably because I wasn’t used to the formula. But after a few attempts I’ve nailed a little routine and love it. I do wish I had a little more control with the product, because of the formula I think it’s quite easy to mess up if you use too much, so less is more!

It’s very long-lasting though and once it dries it’s there to stay. No need to worry about messing up your brows here, it will last all day long.

BROWS 2018 BROWS 2018 The next product I’ve been loving and using a little more is the High Definition Brow Crème in the shade Foxy. This again looks quite unique, and reminds me more of a brow pomade. I really love the packaging, there is a mesh layer that is positioned over the crème which I’ve found really useful. It stops me from wasting product and helps to distribute it evenly onto the brush prior to application.

The formula is very creamy and super pigmented. It does dry matte and if you like a full, bold brow then you will love this. It’s very easy to apply, probably the easiest out of the two products we are talking about today. The shade is a little dark for me which is why I’ve been going between this and the Iconic London Brow Cushion as that’s just a tad lighter for me. I think I need to buy the shade Bombshell which is for blondes, it would probably look a little more natural on me. However when I’m after a bold brow and I’m wearing a full face of makeup this is my go-to.

BROWS 2018 What brow product have you been loving lately, have you tried these yet?

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