five year old Wow guys, who remembers when little Vinny was born? If you’ve been with me since the beginning then you’ll remember when this gorgeous guy made me a mother, my gosh where has the time gone? It’s Vinnys birthday today and he is now 5, he is a big brother, obsessed with superheroes, and space and well what can I say. He is my world.

When I found out we were pregnant with Renzo I did worry how Vinny would react to having a baby brother, if he’d feel left out and how it would change his character. To be honest at first he wasn’t overly keen to be a big brother but this year everything changed. Vinny started school, he has lots of friends, hobbies and what I love the most is that he has grown much closer to his brother. They laugh, they argue…a lot but when they cuddle and help each other out my heart just melts!

brothers Vinny is having his first ever birthday party this weekend and we are all so excited. We always said we’d throw him a party when he started school, it just seemed like the perfect time and it really is. We’re having a superhero themed party and he has invited all of his closest friends. He can’t wait and has been talking about it for weeks now counting down the days until his big day.

I just wanted to post a little something to say Happy Birthday to my darling boy, you really are so special and I hope you have a wonderful birthday today! Love you lots, from mummy, daddy and your baby brother Renzo. x

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