Each season I like to switch things up in my home, I often do this by changing the accessories I have dotted around the house and one thing I’m a sucker for is florals, they are a real mood booster . If you’ve watched my home hauls on my YouTube channel then you’ll know I love floral arrangements, I’m always buying flowers. Faux flowers mainly because they last a lifetime and they always look fresh and beautiful.

I recently popped into my favourite homeware shop Homesense and picked up some beautiful blooms. Homesense is the place to find extraordinary to everyday homeware and they’re part of the TK Maxx family, which means they have savings up to 60% less than the RRP.  For Spring I wanted to bring some peonies into our home, they are a blogger favourite and I can totally see why. I opted for soft neutral tones with a hint of Spring in them too, peaches, lemons, pinks and creams. Simply gorgeous.

tk maxx and homesense florals

The Peony Flower’s Message Is…

Remember how your actions reflect on yourself and others, and always strive to act honorably and respectfully. Don’t be afraid to apologize if you make a mistake, and share your love with others to improve their lives as well.


In Homesense I’m always drawn to the flower section, you can pick up flower arrangements already made for you or opt for single stems and vases. I went for both because, I wanted to create something unique for our home and I also just couldn’t resist that cute pink flower arrangement which was just £12.99. The large stems were £3.99 each and the vase was just £12.99….. £12.99 people! It’s such a large vase and I had it in mind for my kitchen island which you can see looks gorgeous. I’m so happy with my new floral home and fashion finds.


Not only do I love florals for the home, I also love them for fashion too especially Summer fashion. I often wear florals because I think they look very pretty and feminine. Now if you’re a little worried about wearing large floral prints then I’d recommend searching for smaller prints, that’s what I like to do because it looks soft and understated. You can also try adding florals to your wardrobe by adding in some floral accessories into your everyday look; floral handbags, and scarfs would be great. The right floral piece can look fresh, colourful and work on a number of occasions too, a sundress for an everyday look or even some floral trousers for a fun evening look.

TK Maxx is another place I love to shop, TK Maxx always has big labels, small prices at always up to 60% less than the RRP. One of my favourite things to do when I shop is find a bargain, in fact I rarely buy things unless I’m saving some money so when I found this beautiful floral top for just £16.99, I knew I had to have it. The trousers were just £14.99, RRP £30 and the robe you see me in was again just £12.99. Every item I picked up was under £17 and they all look so expensive and chic! It’s such a thrill to find such gorgeous items at such a low price, I could seriously look for hours! 


If you don’t have a TK Maxx near you or if you want to just have a look at what this store has to offer then check them out online. You won’t be disappointed, the savings you can make are ridiculous! Perfect if you’re a bargain hunter like me. Also for all of your homeware needs find your nearest Homesense store here –

I’d love to know how you bring florals into your life, is it with fashion, home accessories, or something else? Let me know!

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