We’ve almost been in our house a year now, can you believe it? We’re still not quite finished but my gosh it’s come such a long way and I’m so delighted with it so far. We’re actually working on our garden at the moment Mark and our neighbour have been working hard sprucing it up and we have a gardener coming at the end of the month to put new slabs down and artificial grass. I’ve always wanted artificial grass so I’m very excited about it. Anyway enough garden chat, I’m here to show you a couple new interior items I’ve got over the last month or so and I’m loving them.

First up we have this gorgeous Baa Stool, I’ve had my eye on one of these for about a year or so now and when deciding on the perfect seat for my dressing table I knew this was the one. To be honest I had been looking for a chair but I just couldn’t find the right one and then I suddenly remembered my saved images on Instagram and it was of course Baa Stool. I have the style Sian in the colour Slate grey, I love this deep grey shade. If you have kept up with our renovations then you’ll know I have a lot of soft greys and whites around the house but this just adds that perfect bit of contrast still within the colour scheme.

You may have noticed this stool isn’t actually in my bedroom right now, that’s because I fancied switching things up today and I brought it into the living room…. now I need two! It’s so gorgeous as a little tray table too!

Let’s move onto the hallway, an area still untouched but It’s on the list. I’d eventually like to get a new radiator cover, paint the walls, add some pictures and new lights. This mirror is the newest addition to our home and it fits perfectly here, I absolutely love the shelf detail it’s so different and I love that each season I can change things up on the shelf and I’m already thinking about how I can jazz this up for Christmas. Anyone else do that? The mirror is from Brissi, I have a few pieces from this store now and everything is such great quality and always delivered so carefully. I’d highly recommend this store if you’re looking for unique and gorgeous pieces for your home.

So that is pretty much everything, we have got some gorgeous new pieces for the garden too if you want to check that our then head over to my YouTube channel for more renovation and garden projects. 

What’s new in your home? I’d love to know!

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