I can’t believe our bedroom is finally complete, it’s been a year in the making but I’m so happy with it. As you may remember we moved into our home last June and we’ve been renovating it over the past year. I had plans for each and every room and once the larger renovation jobs were done it just felt like the rest of the jobs seemed to drag. Finding those special final touches… and paying for them!

Renovations aren’t cheap so I wanted to take things slow and buy things as and when we could without going and getting everything at once and it’s worked our really well. I really appreciate this room and how it’s come together.

From the sheepskin stool to our mattress, every detail had to be perfect and it really is. So many have said they were surprised that Mark let me style the room so girly but I have tried to make it a comfortable space for him and as long as he sleeps well that’s all that matters in his eyes. Oh and I also gave him the ensuite so he’s pretty happy with that.

Our mattress is from Leesa, I’ve seen this brand all over social media since moving and we were due a new mattress so when they offered to send us one I was super happy. First of all, I know you never really see the mattress but look at the colour of it. It’s so me! I love grey everything as you can probably tell so that made me smile. The Leesa mattress is a luxury mattress with 3 foam layers that adjust to your body to provide optimum support and comfort for each individual. And it’s also delivered vacuum packed into a box, direct to your door! Amazing.

Your probably wondering how it feels? Very comfortable indeed, we’ve been trialling it for over a month now and I’ve been sleeping like a baby which is lovely. I’m still in my first trimester of pregnancy so sleep is very important to me, I can be quite fussy when it comes to mattresses. I get awful bad back pain during pregnancy especially so I knew if this wasn’t good we wouldn’t be able to keep it but it’s exceeded my expectations and Marks too.

If you’d like to get yourself a Leesa mattress then I have a £100 Discount code for you which is LIZAPRIDEAUX. So use that at the checkout to apply your discount. Also I thought I’d mention that they offer 100-night risk-free trial so if you aren’t sleeping better, Leesa can arrange for the mattress to be collected and donated or recycled, whilst offering you a full refund.

Now if you’d like to see a full room tour then head over to the video below where I talk about every little detail and tell you where it’s all from. Enjoy!


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